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Paul Register For Senate District 2 South Dakota

It was never my ambition to seek to become a politician...

I had all the same misgivings a lot of people do about politicians. For me to step into that arena, it simply was not going to happen... but to know me is to know that I’m very much a “line-in-the-sand” kind of guy.


So, then, how did I end up running for the South Dakota Senate? Allow me to explain.


In 2016, I stepped out into a world of faith I never knew. I had long since been attending the Redfield Wesleyan Church–which I still do–but this was different. I had learned some horrific realizations concerning the South Dakota State Government. Their willingness to “look the other way” which essentially allowed my work colleagues to remain at risk, was something I decided I could no longer overlook. So in that moment I became the famed “Whistleblower of SDDC”. 


Soon other State agencies began making the same accusations against the State. I followed up my departure from South Dakota Developmental Center by leading a 14-month long campaign to help unionize the facility. I’m extremely proud to say that after winning the vote in a landslide, the South Dakota Developmental Center signed their first union contract in April of this year. 

I wasn’t going to start a fight, and then leave my friends hanging. That is not how we win.

Throughout the last couple of years, I’ve learned a great deal more about our State, not much of which is flattering. After months of resisting, I accepted the notion that in order for me to keep protecting people, I had to keep pushing. I’ve already been a public servant the last couple of years; I simply did it for free. I don’t need the title to do the work, but some of the work I can’t do from the outside.  


I pray that if people see the work I do, they will see a tireless, selfless leader who genuinely wants to do right by everybody.  I no longer want the people I know to be held captive by a State Government that in many cases, doesn’t care about them.  

I care. I care a great deal. I pray that the people of District 2 see that in my work, and will want me as their State Senator.

 Paul A. Register

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